Antipositivist Carnapian Scorn

A book review, by one “Jonatas Machado” from Portugal, of Rorty’s Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature that is so bad that I simply must blog it. I imagine creationists’ reviews of books on evolution must be similarly hilarious, but to have a creationist attack a book that is about the whole of Western philosophy lends more amusement. Choice quotes:

Richard Rorty’s agenda is about deconstructing the judeo-christian civilization. This desire he shares with men like Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Jacques Derrida…
…Rorty’s self-representation he borrows from Darwin, whom he takes seriously. Darwin and his acolite Richard Dawkins have a strong (although not scientifically warranted) belief that Man (in an improper sense) is the mere byproduct of matter, random mutations and natural selection…

And a brilliant last paragraph:

Richard Rorty is desperately in need of a kuhnian paradigm shift, or else he risks being himself the object of some form of 21 st century antipositivist carnapian scorn.

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