The Best Music to Accompany Noisy Internet Ads

I accidentally clicked on an ad that played a human voice (an exclamation of sorts). I also happened to be listening to the third movement of Berio’s Sinfonia (excerpt — changed to correct one — 31/3/07) at that time. For a few moments, I thought that the voice from the ad was a part of the piece that I’d never noticed before — it was certainly incoherent enough to fit in with the actual words on the score. Could easily have been mistaken for one of those existentially anguished “where now?”s.

And just ten seconds before I began typing this sentence, the music reached that cluster near the end (just before “can’t stop the wars” etc.), and I accidentally encountered another sound ad on YouTube. Which blended in well with the cluster.

There is something about the ending of that third movement that reminds me of the ending of the Tractatus. Definitely a similarity in mood. A feeling that something monumental has happened, yet that it’s all self-defeating, in a way. The “throwing away the ladder” gesture.

Or it could just be the mysticism.

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