July 14, 2009

A symbol recognition program allowing one to look up the syntax for LaTeX symbols by drawing them. After some experimentation I’ve concluded that it doesn’t work all that well yet (or perhaps I draw really badly). But it has some sort of machine learning algorithm built in so that users can teach the program which is the ‘right’ symbol for their drawing. A great idea — I always hated poring through those symbol tables.


July 9, 2009

After I started using Tweetie as my Twitter client on my Macbook, I began hankering for a Twitter client for my desktop at work that could thread conversations like Tweetie did (together with other more common functionalities like tracking hashtags, direct messaging, search, retweeting, URL shortening, and many others). But most of the feature-rich Twitter clients that are compatible with Linux seemed to be based on Adobe AIR, which is quite a chore to install on 64-bit Linux. After some painstaking reading through feature lists, I found TTYtter, which runs from the command line and had all the features I wanted. Lightweight with simple commands without (unlike other command line scripts like BLT) sacrificing functionality.


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